Celebrating 70 Years with our Valued Clients


Celebrating 70 Years with our Valued Clients

By Genie Petrangeli, CPA Partner

In the spring of 1998, my husband’s employer, a chemical manufacturer in Pennsylvania, offered him a re-location to Canton, Ohio or North Carolina. With the enticement of a warmer climate and an abundance of golf courses, it was an easy decision. Canton didn’t stand a chance. Growing up as the youngest of eight children in an Italian family in South Philly, I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about Greensboro, NC. To be honest, I had never heard of Greensboro. Nonetheless, I was looking forward to the new adventure with my husband and our three young children and experiencing the “Southern hospitality” I heard so much about.

After a year of helping my family acclimate to our new home, I applied to Bernard Robinson & Company in October of 1999, and at that time, the interview process included meeting almost all of the 23 members of the firm. I immediately felt at home with the staff members and partners and gladly accepted the offer for employment.

I have vivid memories of my first couple of years at the firm and discovered a few important facts about living and working in Greensboro. I learned that “gumballs” did not only refer to treats found in a vending machine after a shopping trip to the grocery store, but also to seeds of a tree that could make walking to the parking lot after work hazardous. I had always understood a “barbecue” to be a gathering of friends and family in the backyard for grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. However, at Bernard Robinson, I learned that “barbecue” refers to a Southern staple, which is served with hush puppies, slaw, and usually followed by delicious banana pudding. Most notably, I became acutely aware of how important college sports were to my colleagues. My childhood centered on cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Phillies, and yes, even the Sixers. The devotion to college athletics was astounding! There were many Saturday lunches during tax season when you pledged your allegiance to the Blue Devils or the Tar Heels, as if it wasn’t already obvious by your attire, your e-mail correspondence, or your office decorations. The competition was fierce!

As my career at Bernard Robinson flourished, I realized that my co-workers’ passion for college athletics was rivaled only by their passion and dedication to our clients and our firm. The office atmosphere was one of helping each other in order to provide outstanding service to our clients. As a new staff, each “job” I was assigned was accompanied by a story or a memory from one of our partners and his or her relationship with the client. It was never just a task, a tax return, or a financial statement; rather, it was our client’s livelihood and the fact that they entrusted it to BRC. That trust has been the foundation of our success for the last seven decades.

During my 18 years at BRC, I’ve had the privilege of assisting small business owners with management decisions. I’ve experienced the excitement of our entrepreneurial clients realizing their latest business endeavor and I’ve partnered with our family clients, helping them develop strategies of wealth transfer through generations. I’m continually humbled by our clients’ inspirations and have witnessed their commitment to positively influence their families and communities. As we celebrate 70 years at Bernard Robinson & Company, we sincerely thank you, our valued clients and partners, for making our first 70 years successful, rewarding, and fulfilling. We appreciate your trust in us and we look forward to working with you in the years ahead.