Graduates & Interns

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Graduates & Interns

BRC is structured in a way that helps new hires succeed. This is evidenced by our consistently being awarded one of the Best Accounting Firms to Work For by Accounting Today, maintaining a lower than industry average turnover rate and smiles you find when collaborating with our team members.

Our #OneBRC culture includes maintaining a balanced work environment, enabling our team members to achieve their goals, being responsive to our clients, providing them not only options but opinions, and remaining connected to our communities through involvement with both professional and civic organizations. We recognize “business as usual” had never been the BRC way.

We help support career development and overall team member satisfaction in a number of ways, which include the following:

Providing an internship program to help in the transition from student to professional

Our internship program enables students to take the skills learned in the classroom and apply them to both audit and tax. The opportunity to be exposed to both through an internship is a rarity today. Our interns appreciate having this experience in helping them discern which discipline interests them most.

Enabling Staff Accountants to decide their path

You decide if you want to specialize in either our tax or assurance practice areas. If you’re unsure during the recruiting process, we do not ask staff Accountants to specialize until their third year with the firm. When ready to specialize, it is the Staff Accountant’s choice, based on where their skills and interests lie.

Providing an environment conducive to achieving true work-life balance

As strong proponents of work-life balance since 1947, we have many policies in place to support this. BRC team members typically travel less than 10%. While it’s important to give our best at work, we need to do our best in living a well-balanced life. Taking time off to rest, relax, and rejuvenate is part of that balance.

We believe you should take responsibility for managing your own time and to collaborate and openly communicate with your department to support one another, whenever possible, with your workload. As such, we offer an Unlimited PTO policay for our exempt team members, where each member is afforded the flexibility to take planned vacation and time off as needed.

Supporting productivity with best of breed technology

We are committed to utilizing technology to maximize productivity and efficiency. Each team member is equipped with up to two internal monitors and a mobile monitor for home use. Operating in a Citrix environment, under a cloud structure, we are able access information as easily out of the office as we are inside the office.

Home Equipment Program

In addition, we have adopted a Home Equipment Program, designed to provide you with equipment to set up a home office if you are working in a hybrid environment or remotely. The team members owns the equipment at home, subject to an agreement which expires after completion of two years of service, from date of fulfillment.

Offering consistent continuing professional development and mentoring throughout the year

We offer many internal and external continuing professional education (CPE) classes throughout the year. We provide a formal curriculum of in-house courses aimed at experience level taught by experienced, internal accounting managers and external providers. With the abundance of relevant, quality offerings, there is never a concern about meeting CPE requirements. Much mentoring within our firm takes place informally due to close relationships existing across all levels. In addition to the informal mentoring, we encourage those informal relationships to develop more formally as a mentoring program. We feel that mentoring programs are more successful if you have a choice in your mentor.

CPA exam program & support

BRC has partnered with Becker Professional Education to provide a complete online four-part CPA Exam Review course with various study material formats available and access to CPA Exam coaches. Cost of course and material are billed directly to BRC at no cost to the candidate. BRC reimburses a team member for up to 6 attempts of the CPA exam, including new hires that take the exam prior to their start date. In addition, monetary bonuses are received to those who pass the CPA Exam and become licensed.

Providing leadership and growth opportunities

The benefits of being a mid-sized firm include early access to decision-makers. This could mean being included on a business development call to a prospective client, asked to directly contact high-level decision-makers for information, being included in client consulting engagements, etc. These experiences often provide opportunities for professionals to learn faster and move up quickly. Whether involved in a public speaking engagement, leading an internal or external committee, being the direct contact for a client, conducting internal training classes, etc. you will have ample opportunities to enhance and further refine your skills.

Focusing on each individual’s total contribution

At BRC, we consider any time team members are working on behalf of the firm as valuable and attach value to time spent on these activities. In addition to working with clients, we include time spent recruiting, training, volunteering etc. in the hours of a team member’s work week. We do not have strict charge hour goals. Instead, we offer metrics of success that are individually tailored for your success in conjunction with your direct manager.

Offering competitive salaries and benefit packages

We offer competitive salaries and a robust benefits package to all eligible team members that includes employer-paid health insurance for the team member, dental insurance, life insurance, long and short-term disability, Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Plan, retirement plan, 10 paid holidays, unlimited PTO, and sick leave.

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