Beyond Audit and Tax – Affordable Housing Conference Season

Beyond Audit and Tax – Affordable Housing Conference Season

By Nathaniel Jordan, CPA

During busy season, the BRC team performs audit and tax engagements for close to 1,000 calendar year-end entities in the affordable housing industry.  These engagements include everything from audits of properties with mortgages insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to cost certifications for entities developing or rehabilitating rental housing using low income housing tax credits, to tax return preparation for apartment projects that receive rental assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of Rural Development.  The first few months of each year means a plethora of calculator tape, the steady sound of keystrokes around the office, and frequent phone calls and emails with clients to stay on top of reporting and filing deadlines.

So, what about when it’s over?  What then?  While the work never stops completely due to engagements for entities with non-calendar year-ends, things do start to slow down in April.  It’s a great time of year for many reasons, and it signals the start of the affordable housing conference season.  Over the course of the summer and fall, our affordable housing team attends several conferences put on by a variety of national and state housing agencies and organizations.  Aside from the fact that these conferences give us a chance to get out of the office and enjoy some teambuilding outside of the traditional work setting, they’re also a great way for us to reconnect in person with what makes this industry so great: the people.  Property management company staff, federal and state housing department employees, lawmakers and regulators, developers, vendors, and a wide variety of other peers within the affordable housing industry all come together to network, share best practices, and provide education and training on the myriad of components that keeps the affordable housing machine going.  Tenants of the apartments served by the industry often attend these events as well.  Management companies, developers, site managers, maintenance workers, and others are recognized for their work and involvement in supporting and growing the industry.

Though we are just one piece of the affordable housing annual cycle, we are grateful to be involved in an industry built around the goal of providing housing to as many people as possible.  As we begin this conference season, we look forward to meeting and reconnecting with many of you – the people that make the affordable housing industry such a success for all involved.

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Nathaniel Jordan Principal, CPA

Nate is a principal in our Firm’s Greensboro office with 14 years of audit experience. He is responsible for the planning, performance, supervision, and review of audit work to ensure engagements meet professional standards. Nate works extensively with clients in the affordable housing, non-profit, and governmental industries. He is also heavily involved in the […]