BRC and DFK: The Benefits of Collaboration

BRC and DFK:  The Benefits of Collaboration

By Wade Pack, CPA, Managing Partner

Thinking about expanding your business to another state? Are you already operating in multiple states? Do you have employees working overseas or employees from other countries working here in the U.S.? Considering opening a subsidiary in China? What are the most common non-resident state tax issues in California? Does your company qualify for R&D credits? Need advice on the oil and gas industry? Are you sourcing materials from subsidiaries located in Canada and/or Mexico, and do you have transfer pricing questions?

The myriad issues our clients face each day can be daunting – and BRC is here to help. And just how can BRC cover such a broad spectrum of issues, whether here in the U.S. or in another country? BRC can do that because of our membership in DFK/USA, where our firm collaborates with other CPA firms, here and abroad, to help clients find solutions to all of their business challenges, as well as solutions for their personal goals.

BRC has been a member of DFK/USA for more than a decade, and is joined in the association by 27 other independent accounting and advisory firms from across the United States, with offices in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Miami and Atlanta, to name just a few. Additionally, DFK/USA belongs to DFK International, and by virtue of that membership BRC has access to other independent firms across the globe, in 80-plus countries with over 300 offices. Quite a reach, indeed.

Through these memberships, BRC has access to technical expertise covering just about any industry you can think of, and also has access to best practices that help ensure our organization stays ahead of the curve in our own profession and industry. These are two of the main reasons we joined the association in 2007.

At that time, BRC had around 50 total staff members, all in Greensboro, and was often considered a “local” accounting firm. Through our membership in DFK, we have had the benefit of learning from many other firms about the challenges of growing beyond that “local” status. Now with six offices across NC, and over 170 staff members, BRC is tremendously better positioned to serve its clients, its staff and our communities. From governance structure, to mergers and acquisitions, to workflow efficiencies, to office space layouts, and so many other things, our DFK members have played an important and integral role in assisting BRC to meet the challenges that inevitably come with expanding the firm and its niches into having regional, national and global scopes.

Additionally, DFK provides excellent continuing education and leadership development opportunities for our firm members to attend throughout the year, as well as multiple international conferences annually. These events not only help to further our staff’s technical expertise, but they also help to forge the relationships with other DFK members that support the interchange of ideas and help BRC develop the solutions our clients are looking for both personally and in their businesses.

Over the past 12 years, our collaboration with DFK and its member firms has played a key role in helping BRC become what it is today – a vibrant, growing accounting and advisory firm, connected nationally and globally. This collaboration has also helped us to be able to provide our clients and firm members with high quality services and development opportunities. So please remember, whatever the next challenge you face, know that BRC is here to help, and just as importantly, is positioned to do exactly that.

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