The 2021 BRC Tax Season – A Successful Reflection

The 2021 BRC Tax Season – A Successful Reflection

By Sherry S. Johnson, CPA, Partner

Here we are, already into 2022, gearing up for another annual tax season! It seems like it was only yesterday that we completed the 2021 tax filing deadlines of September 15th for extended business returns and October 15th for extended individual returns, along with all the other deadlines we met for our clients during the year. In all my many years of CPA practice, I have never experienced initial income tax filing deadlines being extended by the government due to a national crisis. Now, we have experienced it back to back during the 2020 and 2021 tax filing seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is history in the making for the CPA profession, and the 2021 BRC team can say we experienced it, wrapped our minds around it, and led the way for our clients to meet those deadlines during this time. In addition to the deadlines, we assisted and advised our clients during these unprecedented times with PPP loans, payroll credits, numerous changes in tax provisions and many other areas which have helped them with the economic impacts of this crisis on their businesses as well as on their individual finances.

It is amazing how BRC immediately adjusted to the crisis by putting measures in place across all of the office locations for the safety of our clients and staff. Our information technology department worked diligently to provide the necessary equipment and guidance to ensure we could serve our clients professionally in all working locations and under different conditions than we were accustomed to. Most of all, our BRC staff stepped up to the plate, embraced the challenges, and made sure our clients were taken care of. Miraculously, we continued to embrace the One BRC family tradition of encouraging and caring for one another, like we always have, and did so even more during this crisis.

Yes, we can reflect back over all this and truly say that BRC endured and was successful in meeting the challenges we faced last tax season. Our BRC team is now enthusiastically ready to begin the 2022 year to serve and assist our clients in this new normal we are all familiarizing ourselves with. We thank and appreciate our clients for allowing BRC to be there with them during their life experiences. Our true reward is the joy we obtain in knowing that our services benefit our clients and the communities we live in.