Choosing a Payroll Service Provider to Protect Against Fraud

Choosing a Payroll Service Provider to Protect Against Fraud

By Jill H. Robertson

Payroll service providers can help process your payroll, calculate and file payroll taxes, and prepare payroll tax statements. Employers should carefully choose their payroll service providers. Making the right choice can avoid missed deposits for employment taxes and other unpaid bills.

Most payroll service providers have their clients’ best interests in mind and provide quality service. Each year, however, there are a few payroll services that do not submit clients’ payroll taxes timely. This can be damaging to their unsuspecting clients.

Employers need to understand their payroll tax responsibilities and choose a trusted payroll service. They should choose payroll service providers that are certified professional employer organizations or reporting agents.

For more information regarding suggestions on choosing a reputable payroll service provider, please see the link below from the Internal Revenue Service.


Jill H. Robertson Staff Accountant CAS