The CPO Role – It’s All About Our People at BRC

The CPO Role – It’s All About Our People at BRC

By Kim Ripberger, CPA, Partner

Over the past year, the BRC Partners have established several “Partners’ Strategic Initiatives” as a way for BRC to continue being a premier public accounting firm. One of these initiatives is “Employee Engagement” as we want to be the “Firm of Choice” for our employees in our ever-changing and competitive profession. Through this initiative, on March 1 of this year, BRC launched the role of CPO or Chief People Officer for the firm to achieve this goal.

I am pleased to announce that I enthusiastically accepted the challenge of this role in addition to continuing in my role as Assurance Partner at BRC. I have always viewed our employees as our most important asset. We function as a high-performing team when we all work together daily to serve our clients, each other, and our community. To provide you with the true accountant verbiage, I see our employees as an investment on the balance sheet, not a salary and benefits expense on the income statement.

I will lead BRC’s efforts to manage strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team of empowered, engaged professionals. I will provide strategic leadership to ensure excellence across BRC in the areas of talent acquisition, career development, diversity, equity and inclusion as well as employee wellbeing to sustain our overall cultural strategy of being Balanced, Responsive, and Connected.

I am excited about this new chapter in my career at BRC as I move towards my 20-year service anniversary in October 2023.

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Kimberly Jessup Ripberger Assurance Partner, CPO, CPA

Kimberly is an assurance partner at our firm with over 20 years in public accounting.  Her previous experience included working in Industry in process improvement and project management.  She works primarily with clients involved in the governmental, non-profit and affordable housing industries, including tax credit properties, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and […]