750 Hours of Volunteering in Honor of our 75th Anniversary

750 Hours of Volunteering in Honor of our 75th Anniversary

By David Kaplan, Partner

As we’ve been celebrating Bernard Robinson & Company’s 75th Anniversary, there have been many things for our firm to be proud of. One that sticks out most is our commitment to our community and the desire to give back and be connected.

While many of our partners and staff members regularly volunteer their time to charities and serve on boards, we decided to give them a challenge in honor of our 75th Anniversary. When we had our annual meeting back in mid-August, we challenged our firm to collectively do 750 volunteer hours in the community by December 16, 2022, when we would be hosting our BRC Holiday Party.

There were many obstacles in obtaining this goal such as still working through various tax deadlines, having the remains of Hurricane Ian run through (and extend deadlines even further), holidays and vacations. Leading up to the final weeks, I wasn’t sure we’d make it, but as accounting professionals, we know how to master a deadline. I’m proud to say that BRC exceeded the 750-hour goal and tallied 836 hours of volunteer service during that period.

Some of the group volunteer initiatives included manning stations at various walks like the Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood in Winston-Salem, the JDRF One Walk in Charlotte, volunteering with the SECU Family House, and volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Greensboro. In addition, individuals volunteered at various religious organizations and schools and many other organizations that they felt passionate about. There is a long list of organizations throughout the communities of our various offices that we were able to assist.

In 2023, we will continue to find ways to stay connected to our communities and give back, as it’s one of the many virtues that has helped BRC be successful over these last 75 years.


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David Kaplan Partner, CPA

David is a Tax Partner in BRC’s Charlotte office. He is responsible for providing tax compliance and consulting services for a diverse client base. He has over 20 years of tax experience from working in public accounting. Prior to joining BRC in 2018, he was a partner in a South Florida firm. His expertise […]