BRC’s Internship Program: A gateway to the future  

Internships are the bridges that connect the academic world to the professional one, allowing students to gain invaluable experience and insights into their chosen fields. Among these programs, Bernard Robinson & Company, L.L.P.’s (“BRC”) Accounting Internship Program stands out as a beacon of opportunity for young talent. In this article, we will explore the process of how interns are solicited and chosen, the educational institutions they usually hail from, and why BRC’s Internship Program plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of professionals. 

BRC takes a comprehensive and strategic approach to select interns who are not only passionate but also have the potential to thrive in their respective roles. Here’s how the selection process unfolds: 

Career Services Partnerships: BRC collaborates with university career services offices throughout North Carolina to advertise internship opportunities and connect with students. This partnership facilitates access to a broad spectrum of talented candidates. BRC’s University Alumni work closely with career services and also with their former professors to discuss BRC and its internship program. BRC strives to offer a sustainable career in public accounting. 

Resume Review: Resumes are submitted by aspiring interns. BRC thoroughly evaluates the documents, looking for academic excellence, relevant coursework, and prior experience that aligns with the internship position. 

Interviews: Selected candidates are invited for interviews. These interviews delve into the candidates’ aspirations, skills, and potential contributions to BRC. They are also an opportunity for candidates to learn more about BRCs values and goals. 

Culture Fit: BRC places significant importance on finding interns who are not only competent but also fit well with the Firm’s culture. This ensures that interns can collaborate effectively within teams and adapt seamlessly to the Firm. 

BRC’s Internship Program attracts candidates from a diverse range of educational institutions throughout North Carolina. While the pool of interns is not limited to any particular set of universities or colleges, there are some common trends: 

Universities and Colleges: Most BRC interns come from universities and colleges, including both undergraduate and graduate programs. These institutions often include well-respected and academically rigorous universities and colleges that provide a strong foundation in relevant subjects. 

Online Platforms: BRC leverages online job portals and professional networking sites to reach a wider audience. This approach enables the Firm to tap into a broader pool of candidates from various educational backgrounds. 

Employee Referral: BRC offers a referral bonus program to its employees regarding their classmates or friends who are interested in an internship at the Firm.  

BRC’s Internship Program holds immense significance for the next generation of professionals, and here’s why: 

Real-World Experience: BRC interns gain hands-on experience in the public accounting industry, offering experience in both assurance and tax practice areas. This real-work experience helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This exposure is invaluable as it prepares them for future careers. BRC wants each intern to have a successful internship experience and transition into the Staff Accountant role once eligible.  

Mentorship and Guidance: BRC provides interns with access to experienced professionals who serve as mentors either in the roles of “buddies” or home team leaders. These mentors offer insights, advice, and support, helping interns develop both professionally and personally. 

Skill Development: The internship program offers training to enhance interns’ skill through numerous in-person training and webinar-based training modules in addition to job shadowing. These newfound capabilities not only benefit their current intern roles but also give them a head start with their job as a staff accountant.  

BRC’s Internship Program is a launchpad for the next generation of professionals, offering them a chance to gain experience, access mentorship, and build a network in public accounting. By diligently selecting interns based on their skills, aspirations, and compatibility with the firm, BRC ensures that it continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future workforce. BRC’s Internship Program contributes to the growth and development of young talent, making a positive impact on both individuals and the industry as a whole. 

My internship with BRC lit a fire in my passion for a career in public accounting with the opportunity to learn something new every day and experiencing teamwork with my fellow interns all the way to Partners.  As an intern I was empowered by the amount of people invested in my success and today, as a Partner, I value the opportunity I have to invest in others.

– Jamie Parsons, CPA, Partner

“My internship helped me cement that my chosen career was the right choice, it helped me determine what characteristics and values I wanted in a firm, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. I highly encourage students to have an internship, as I believe it to be the most beneficial learning tool for young professionals taking that next step out of college.”

– Irish Thurston, CPA, Senior Manager