Celebrating Pride at BRC: A Journey of Inclusivity and Support

An interview with Brittany Easter, BRC Administrative Manager

At BRC, fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is a core commitment. As part of our celebration of Pride Month, we spoke with Brittany Easter to gain insights into her personal experiences and thoughts on creating an accepting environment for LGBTQ+ employees.

Brittany shared that Pride Month holds significant personal meaning for her. Reflecting on her journey, she noted that even from just six years ago when she came out, the celebration of Pride has grown immensely. Pride Month represents the progress made by those who fought for the rights and freedoms that LGBTQ+ individuals enjoy today. It’s a time to celebrate identity openly, without fear, and to honor those who paved the way for this freedom.

When discussing her experience at BRC, Brittany expressed that she now feels comfortable being open about her identity at work. This wasn’t always the case; seven years ago, she wasn’t out and initially kept her identity private from her colleagues. Over time, as she grew more confident, Brittany found that her workplace was supportive and accepting. While she doesn’t always lead with her identity, she no longer fears sharing it with others, knowing that her colleagues are allies.

Support for LGBTQ+ employees extends beyond Pride Month. Brittany emphasized the importance of education and allyship. She encouraged peers to educate themselves about the LGBTQ+ community, including different sexualities and pronouns. For instance, respecting individuals’ preferred pronouns, such as they/them, is crucial. Being an ally means making LGBTQ+ employees feel comfortable and supported in the workplace, a standard that BRC upholds. “Being comfortable in the workplace is all I can ask for and I have that here at BRC,” said Brittany.

Brittany’s journey highlights the significance of inclusivity and support in the workplace. At BRC, we are proud to celebrate Pride Month and continue our efforts to create an environment where every individual feels valued and respected. Through education and allyship, we can ensure that all employees feel comfortable being their true selves at work.