Documenting My Favorite Eats Across North Carolina

Documenting My Favorite Eats Across North Carolina

By Anna Jordan

A large part of my job here at BRC is to share all things related to audit and tax on BRC’s social media pages. Despite how riveting the latest tax law update may be, my interest in social media started partly as a result of a food-sharing Instagram page a friend and I started in 2020.

I began this “foodie” journey while in college at UNC-Chapel Hill. One of my fellow sorority sisters, McAllister, and I went out for coffee one day and began to brainstorm a joint Instagram account, named SweetnSalty.Sisters, where we could each share our love for trying new foods and restaurants. This journey has now led us to have shared over 350 posts highlighting our favorite bites.

We both prefer to buy our food rather than make it, although we do share the occasional homemade meal. My go-to for any occasion is a charcuterie board. I love getting creative with the arrangement and sharing the results. The feedback from the “foodie community,” as I like to call it, is always so positive and uplifting – one of the reasons I recommend starting a food page!

While we started the page for fun, it does come with some perks. We have been sent ice cream bars, cold brew coffees, cookie dough bars, gift cards to try out a restaurant, and even a pizza shovel! Running this page is truly a fun endeavor. Now, enjoy some of my top recommendations that can be found near some of our BRC locations throughout North Carolina:

1. Barcelona Wine Bar (Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC): My favorite restaurant to date. Their whipped sheep’s cheese is a must-try.

2. Coquette Brasserie (Raleigh, NC): If you are looking for a great brunch in Raleigh, look no further. Coquette’s quiche is out of this world, as is everything else on their menu.

3. Raku Ramen and Sushi (Winston-Salem, NC): Home to my favorite sushi roll, The Superman Roll, and fantastic ramen dishes.

4. 411 West (Chapel Hill, NC): The perfect place for a nice dinner. Not only does 411 have a great atmosphere, but the food is unique and delicious.

5. Elijah’s (Wilmington, NC): I love seafood, especially when it’s right by the Riverwalk in downtown Wilmington.