The importance of investing in people at BRC

An interview with Ruby Lansdell, Senior Assurance Manager, CPA

Among professional services firms, “investing in people” is popularly mentioned as one approach to grow and retain talent. But the term has many interpretations. To clarify how BRC defines investing in people, Ruby Lansdell, Senior Assurance Manager and CPA, talked about her own experiences and how she sees this philosophy play out on the job.

“At BRC, investment in people is about giving employees the flexibility to carve their own paths and become deeply passionate about their work,” Ruby says. “When I joined BRC eight years ago, I found myself in two fantastic niches – Employee Benefit Plans and Common Interest Realty Association audits. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to continue in these areas.”

Many new graduates entering the profession don’t know what their passions are yet, and Ruby works early on, as a member of the recruiting team, to assure prospective hires that they will have a chance to explore various paths within public accounting. Ultimately, they can make an informed decision about their career direction.  “By nurturing their interests and aspirations, we pave the way for their professional growth while contributing to the firm’s success,” Ruby says.

BRC is also committed to sustaining a supportive environment where individuals can thrive in their personal lives, Ruby says. Work-life balance includes offering flexible work arrangements to accommodate employees who can manage their workloads whenever and wherever, taking time for networking, professional development, or personal pursuits, for example.

And how does this investment in people benefit BRC’s clients? Ruby explains: “By prioritizing our team’s well-being, we ensure that they bring their best selves to every client interaction. Our clients can expect consistent dedication and enthusiasm throughout our engagements.”

It’s not surprising that what’s good for the employees and for clients has served BRC well, too.  Investing in people has created a dynamic and growing company with an engaged professional staff and an impressive 87% staff retention rate, an enviable return on its investment.


Ruby Lansdell (left) pictured with BRC’s EBP Team