Prioritizing wellness during busy season 

Marching through March and nourishing our team for success 

Heavy workloads and extended hours come with the busy season, but BRC tries to minimize stress for employees by encouraging them to incorporate physical activity, healthy eating, and camaraderie into their long days. 

Fueling the mind and body 

In the spirit of promoting an active lifestyle, BRC coordinates “Marching through March,” a friendly challenge among internal teams, plus a BRC team to compete in the multi-firm challenge organized by the DFK Alliance. Teams of 4 to 6 people within the firm digitally track and report their steps throughout the month. For brief increments throughout the day, inside and outside the buildings, spontaneous pairs are shuffling or brisk walking laps toward their goals.  

Awards are based on the highest total step counts, community engagement and creative walking. Competition heats up as teams end up neck and neck with impressive step counts towards the end of the competition. Community engagement awards are given to individuals or teams who engaged in a community event or fundraiser to earn their steps. The creative walking awards are earned by the individuals or teams who found the most unique way to get their steps in.   

It’s not just about numbers; it’s about motivating staff to take breaks, stretch their legs, and renew their mental focus for enhanced productivity.  

As another health awareness initiative, BRC provides platters of fruits and vegetables on Healthy Snack Days in each office. Nourishing the body is critical to sustaining energy and focus, and a healthy snack break is a good excuse to get up and refuel.  

Empowering work-life balance 

BRC has a long commitment to workday flexibility, allowing individuals to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Team members who work when they are most productive, take time to eat healthy meals and snacks, and move around throughout the day are not only more content but also better able to maintain stamina, physically and mentally, during an intense season.  

BRC traditionally celebrates the hard work and dedication of our team after the annual tax deadline. Each office votes on a fun outing, such as bowling, mini golf, or just relaxing and sharing appetizers at a popular restaurant, that offers an opportunity to reconnect socially and unwind together.