How to Stay Energized Through Busy Season and Beyond


How to Stay Energized Through Busy Season and Beyond

By: Sophia Dubrovsky

Accountants know all too well the mental toughness that is required to get through the workload of busy season. We grind through the hours to serve our clients, sometimes to our own health detriment. Extensive periods of sitting in front of screens, lack of time to cook fresh meals and sheer exhaustion from the physical demands to keep up with our schedules can leave us depleted of energy.

Eating nutritious foods is always important, but especially during times of high stress and demands. Food has a direct and immediate impact on energy levels. Oily and heavy foods that take a long time to digest can leave us feeling sleepy and sluggish. Fresh, nutrient-dense foods can provide boosts in energy when we need it the most.

Complex carbohydrates are a perfect go-to in those moments. Grains, beans, fruits and vegetables are in this category. Please don’t confuse complex-carbs with simple-carbs, which are pasta, bread, white rice, and most baked goods.

Complex carbohydrates = energy.

Additionally, blood viscosity is highly sensitive to the foods we eat. Oily foods hit the blood stream quickly, which reduces the rate of blood flow. This results in a smaller amount of oxygen hitting the brain, which can lead to the dreaded feeling of a food coma. [1] Even a salad full of healthy ingredients, but saturated with an oily dressing can leave us tired.

Kilojoule is a measurement of how much energy we get from food. On average, plant foods provide more kilojoules of energy per calorie consumed. The following chart is a reference for how much energy some common foods provide.


The good news is many healthy snacks require little to no-prep time.

Here are a few quick snack ideas that are great for all ages:

Cheater’s guacamole

With only three ingredients, this is a quick snack to put together.  Simply mix diced tomatoes, avocado and add your favorite seasoning. Eat it on its own or spread over hearty toast.

Apple slices with nut butter

Kids’ favorite, but also perfect for busy adults. With a wide range of nut butters on the market, it can provide both nourishment and big flavor.

Broccoli with vegetable dip

A staple snack idea, but serves the purpose to satiate hunger. A few of my favorite dip brands are: Trader Joe’s Vegan Buffalo Dip, Bitchin’ Sauce, and Lantana Beet Hummus.

Fresh berries

Doesn’t get easier than this. Opening a container of fresh berries takes the same amount of time as a bag of potato chips or cookies. Next time you’re feeling tired, try eating a small container of strawberries. Test yourself to see how long it takes to perk up.

Plant-based yogurt with granola and fruit

It seems like new brands are coming onto the market, with each grocery store chain creating its own. My personal favorite brands are Forager and Kite Hill.

Sweet potato toast

Slice the potato about ¼ inch thickness. Run it through the toaster 2-3 times until fully cooked and dress it up with your favorite bread topping. Alternatively, you can use an air fryer. Cook for 10 mins at 375F, or until lightly brown.

Chickpea salad

A family favorite in our house.  I love to make a big batch over the weekend to save time during the week.

Mix the following ingredients:

3 cups of cooked chickpeas

2 pickles

2 sheets of crushed Nori (seaweed wrap)

3 tbsp of diced red onion

½ tsp of salt

¼ tsp of pepper

3 heaping spoons of vegan mayo