Recognizing Ron Kuyath, CPA, Partner as He Enters Retirement

Recognizing Ron Kuyath, CPA, Partner as He Enters Retirement

By: Sandy Newell

In 2013, when BRC acquired Furr & Newell, I remember Dan Hayes telling me Ron will be moving to the Raleigh office and you will love working with him.  He said, “He’s everyone’s favorite!”   As usual, Dan was right.  He is definitely everyone’s favorite colleague and I, along with many others, have enjoyed working with him.

The firm has been fortunate to have his leadership, not to mention his vast knowledge of all things tax. He has been the firm’s go-to guy for all things tax, including ERC for the past year!  Anyone who has worked with Ron will tell you, not only is he super intelligent, but he has the best witty sense of humor that has kept our office laughing.

Ron started his career 43 years ago.  The accounting profession was different in those days.  Shirts and ties were the required attire, and the equipment was adding machines and green pads.  There were no computers, no cell phones, and no virtual meetings.  

As the accounting world evolved, Ron realized early on through all the changes that what was important wasn’t the equipment or what you wore, but the relationships you built.  Not just client relationships, but relationships with peers and colleagues.  It’s those relationships that have made Ron so valued as a trusted advisor by his clients and as a friend to so many colleagues. The relationships Ron built as a mentor have helped so many to grow and be successful in their careers.

During his career, Ron has been a good and kind person with the utmost integrity.  Ultimately, those qualities are what is important in both our personal and professional lives.   When I win the lottery, there is no one I trust more than Ron to be my tax accountant!  He will be sorely missed, but we wish him all the best in his retirement.